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The former resources for a Berlin based Facebook group

A Facebook group I used to be an administrator for was run with a simple democratic approach. A rogue admin tricked us into allowing another admin to join our group, and just after we realised what had occurred, myself and the other elected admin were unexpectedly removed without any consultation with the rest of the administration/moderation team. All group moderators chose to leave within hours of this occurring.

This website is a collection of the resources we had created for the group. I am keeping them here in case they are useful to others. If the data becomes significantly out of date, then I will remove the website.

The original groups website content, used a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and it's website design used GPL license version 2.0.

Note: You may have been redirected here from the original groups domain name. I do not control that domain. The owner of that domain is also no longer involved with the original Facebook group.


Last updated: 28th of February 2016

This is a compulsory tax,  It doesn’t matter whether you have a tv or radio. All homes are required to pay. The tax needs to be paid per home. So residents of a WG typically split the cost of the tax.

My flatmate paid, but I’m still getting sent a bill …
Only one person per household has to pay. If somebody living at same address as you is already paying, you need to send them back the payers customer code. Instructions regarding this should be in the letter you received.

What happens if you don’t pay
Long story short: lawyer notice and court call will be on the way. You must pay this tax if you are obligated to do so. They do allow you to pay in installments.

Payment options
They offer options to pay in monthly, three monthly, six monthly or year installments.

You may choose to pay by direct bank debit or directly depositing into their accounts.
Credit/debit card payments are not accepted.

Contact Rundfunkbeitrag
Others here on Free Advice Berlin have had troubles using their online form, and found the phone number is a more effective way of contacting them.

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